Our Story

The veteran lifestyle is not an ambiguous journey for us, but instead one that is very personal. As a veteran family ourselves, we personally walked the road of transition, adaptation, PTSD, healing, recovery and more because of Erin’s time in the military. On May 8th 2003, Erin received the Purple Heart Award, a US military decoration awarded to service members who have been wounded or killed while serving. This award symbolizes the sacrifices made by the brave men and women in uniform and their stories of perseverance, commitment, and heroism.

Erin’s award is in honor of the journey he walked through after being wounded during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During an attack one night, one of the mortars exploded 10 feet from him and he was struck in the back of the head with shrapnel. After Erin’s time of serving, he experienced many struggles in life and through the help of therapy and the personal commitment to not give up, Erin has been able to come to a place of relief, recovery and some sense of freedom.

Our journey as a family has led us into more experiences than we can account for and our desire is to help other families find health, wholeness and freedom in their own journey of hardship, recovery and PTSD.

Warrior Wellness stands for much more than a supplement brand. This company is our means to give back to the community that has supported us through our journey and our heart is that every veteran would know they are not alone, they are doing a great job, and no matter where they are in their journey, they are worthy of unconditional support. We have tailored our products to cater to both the veteran and Jiu Jitsu communities, ensuring they have the right supplements to lead healthier, stronger lives. We hope all who come to Warrior Wellness will find support, care and hope and will be encouraged regardless of which season they are in. If you have any other inquiries or are looking for community support at this time, please do not hesitate to reach out. Someone on our team would love to speak with you. 

Warrior Wellness Values

We believe that the thoughts and fuel you feed yourself with directly impact who you are and what you are capable of. This is why we are intentional with our ingredients, recipes and products. We bring nature, science and intentionality together to provide high-quality and effective products for our dedicated customers.

Purple Heart Award

The Purple Heart Award: The Purple Heart is a U.S. military decoration awarded to service members who have been wounded or killed while serving with the U.S. military. Its origins trace back to the Badge of Military Merit established by General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War. Today, the Purple Heart is not just a recognition of being wounded or killed in combat; it symbolizes the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform, and the stories of perseverance, commitment, and heroism they carry with them.